Our Mission

Identify, map, develop, and sustainably manage previously undiscovered renewable groundwater resources.

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Access the Power and value of data to effectively identify, develop, and manage sustainable water supplies.  

The sustainable management and use of groundwater resources requires a holistic and comprehensive understanding of the total water budget, the recharge rate, and the myriad stakeholders and variables that affect its quality and availability. 


Power 7 services empower our clients with the data necessary to manage operational risk and enable resilient and sustainable water resource management.


Applying our proprietary Transformational Groundwater Exploration (TGE) technology, Power 7 integrates cutting-edge resource exploration tools and data sources to provide our clients with a holistic view of their total water budget and discrete access to the data required to sustainably manage their groundwater resources.


Let Power 7 data and services help empower your water resource management decisions.