Transformational Groundwater Exploration (TGE) technology represents the next generation of renewable groundwater development. Integrating open-source big data with, prior art, proven resource exploration techniques, and emerging cloud-based computing technologies, TGE melds traditional trade craft with cutting edge tools to create an innovative and disruptive technology that redefines how groundwater resources are calculated, located, and developed.

Combining advanced natural resource exploration technologies with proprietary algorithms and cloud-based computing processes, Power 7 is revolutionizing the way groundwater resources are located and managed. Through TGE, Power 7 precisely locates, quantifies, and accesses previously undiscovered and untapped groundwater resources. Renewed through the natural water cycle, Power 7 provides real-time and near-real-time data on variables impacting groundwater resource volume, quality, and sustainable management. Properly managed wells enable customers to enjoy enduring, resilient, and reliable access to predictable volumes of water.


Power 7 TGE technology and services empower our clients through:


  • Data:

    • Site-specific groundwater data in real and near-real time 

    • Sustainable yield calculations

    • Geochemical trend analysis

  • Services:

    • Resource management consulting

    • Site data tracking and report

    • Well siting and installation supervision

    • Project management


Benefits of Power 7 TGE wells:

  • Sited closer to the end user

  • Reduced cost of pumping and conveyance

  • Limited exposure to contamination and evaporation

  • Predictable yield and quality

  • Minimal environmental impacts

  • No waste product

  • Site-specific data for proactive and sustainable resource management

  • Operational risk reduction through data-driven analysis of threats