Realize the Power of data through the application of ECHO GPM data!

ECHO GPM represents the next generation of groundwater exploration, development, and management. Co-developed by the Power 7 Team, ECHO GPM significantly contributes to the Power 7 TGE technology.

Turning big data into smart data, Power 7 ECHO GPM identifies the sources and regional recharge area of a groundwater resource. The holistic understanding and real-time tracking of all contributors to a groundwater resource is fundamental to sustainable groundwater management. Only by knowing the total water budget, and the rate of resource recharge, can a groundwater resource manager sustainably manage the resource. 

ECHO GPM monitors groundwater resources in real time and uses our proprietary algorithms to identify specific resource risk variables.  This persistent data tracking enables resource trend analysis, identification of emerging threats to the resource, and informs sustainable best management practices.